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Choosing To Grow Fruits And Vegetables The Natural Way

Gardening is a lifetime hobby that helps add more quality and value to your life. Gardening, especially organic gardening had proven to reduce stress, lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels and decrease depression.

In fact, studies have revealed that only by looking at a garden or plants can invoke emotions of happiness, calm, and tranquility.

Why should one choose organic gardening?

Organic gardening is a way of growing fruits and vegetable using products derived from natural sources. Many people choose to do organic gardening for the following reasons:

#1: Fruits and vegetables grown are free from harmful chemicals

One of the greatest benefits of organic gardening is that it is free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Since pesticides contain toxins and can be harmful to human health, eating organic produce is one of the best ways to stay away from harmful effects of store bought chemicals.

#2: Organic gardening is much more interesting

Since organic gardening uses only natural products to thrive well, making your compost from the kitchen or garden waste can prove to be a rewarding activity.

Though the task may be time-consuming when compared to buying prepared fertilizers and chemicals from the market, it does make gardening activity an interesting task.

#3: Organic gardening helps safeguard the health of the future generation

When compared to adults, a child who ingests nearly four- five times more cancer-causing pesticides from the food is more at a risk of health degeneration later in life. However, with organic gardening, these risks are reduced.

#4: Environmental- Friendly

The absence of the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides in organic gardening reduces the risk of these chemicals finding their way into the water supply.

Lack of chemicals in water also prevents small birds, animals, and beneficial insects from getting harmed. Additionally, since the soil used in organic gardening is built up with organic matter, there is less erosion of the top soil.

#5: Economical

Growing your own organic produce can help you save nearly 50% on organic fruits and vegetables when bought from a health food store or a supermarket.

Additionally, since organic gardening does not require you to buy costly fertilizers and pesticides from the market, making your own natural fertilizers or pesticides helps reduce the cost of garden maintenance.

While a natural fertilizer can be made by using stale coffee or coffee grounds, a natural pest spray can be prepared by combining 1 cup of cooking oil and 1 tablespoon of liquid dish washing soap. Spraying three tablespoons of this mixture mixed with one quart of water will help keep your plants from pests in a natural way.

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