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Can Treats Affect Your Dog’s Diet?

Can Treats Affect Your Dog's Diet?

Choosing a healthy diet for your pet can play a crucial role in his overall well- being. Consulting the veterinarian about healthy and nutritious dog food can be an important step in helping you provide your pet with a healthy diet. However, no matter what type of food you choose to give you dog, canned food or dry food, there may be certain things that you are overlooking that can be unfavorable to your dog’s health.

Dog treats are given by dog owners occasionally as an expression of love for their pet. However, though these treats may seem like a simple tidbit or snack, they do add up and become a significant part of your dog’s diet. To understand the significance of treats in a dog’s diet, it is important that you take in account two factors, the frequency, and type of treats given to your dog.

Dogs perceive treats as a special delicacy between their meals. The canines do not care much about whether they are getting a baby carrot, milk bone or a rawhide as a treat. They are happy to get anything as a snack. However, as a dog owner, you should always consider the frequency in which you give treats to your pet. While most pet owners treat their dog once a day there are some who scatter milk bones all through the day whenever they are impressed with their pet.

Giving your dog treats occasionally is a great way of pampering the canine. However, if you are providing your dog numerous treats all through the day, it is important that you change their diet to maintain a healthy weight. While giving numerous treats during the course of the day is fun for both you and your dog, it can cause serious health problems to your pet.

To keep your dog healthy, it is always best to alter your dog’s diet by providing the canine lesser treats. For example, if you are planning to give a large milk bone to your pet, break the treat into smaller pieces and serve the pet at regular intervals all through the day. This will help your dog eat less between meals.

Apart from considering the frequency of the treats, choosing the right type of treats is also important to help your dog stay healthy. Always remember junk foods for you such as cookies, popcorn or cakes are also junk food for your pet. In fact, some foods that may be healthy for you may not be healthy for your pet. For example, raisins which are considered healthy for humans to chew between meals can be detrimental to dog’s health. Always choose treats that will keep your dog’s diet healthy.

Consulting your vet before giving rawhides as treats to your dog is highly recommended. Since some pet owners feel that this treat is not good for a dog, there are others who feel that rawhides are good for the dental health of the dog and provide the pet great entertainment. However, when giving rawhides as treat, avoid giving them in excess as they can tend to provide many empty calories and produce thin stools.

Giving healthy treats such as baby carrots, ice cubes, and small apple pieces is a great idea to help the diet of your dog healthy. Providing a healthy diet for your pet is not only important to keep your dog healthy, but also ensures that he or she leads a long and happy life.

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Is It Possible For Treats To Affect The Diet Of Your Dog

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