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Benefits Of Planting A Raised Garden Bed

Benefits Of Planting A Raised Garden Bed

If you want to have a beautiful garden but you don’t want to get down on the ground and dig up a large portion of your yard, you don’t really need to. Raised garden beds can help you to create the perfect garden design and you don’t need to get down on the ground. Raised garden beds have more advantages than traditional gardens and they just might be the best thing for you.

What Is A Raised Garden Bed

If you aren’t sure what a raised garden bed is, it is simple. Rather than planting your plants right into the ground, they would be planted in a raised bed that is a few inches off the ground and that is enclosed. Raised gardens are enclosed with wood, therefore, if you want to, you can create several mini gardens rather than one big one. Because of this, you can create a specialized garden design using raised garden beds. You can create any geometric design that you would like with individualized gardens, therefore, you can create any unique design that you like.

Design and easy planting aren’t the only reasons to go with a raised garden bed. One of the biggest advantages is that your garden will grow better. In order for a plant to get enough air to grow, air needs to get to the roots. When you plant a traditional garden you need to try to pack the soil loose enough for the air to get to the roots. This can be difficult because as you are working in the garden, the soil will be compacted.

There is no way around it. Because you won’t need to walk around on a raised garden bed, the soil will not get compacted, giving your plants the best chance to thrive. Since you won’t need to worry about walking around the garden and the soil won’t get compressed, you can plant more plants in a smaller area. This will cut down on the available space for weeds to grow, therefore, you won’t need to spend as much time weeding.

Why Raised Garden Beds Are So Beneficial

Raised garden beds are also beneficial when it comes to soil drainage. If you are a regular gardener, you know that if the soil is too wet, it can be more harmful to some plants than if it were too dry. After periods of heavy rain, it can be difficult for the soil to dry out. This can kill your plants. In certain areas of the Deep South, the soil can be too wet in certain areas to plant certain plants.

When you plant in a raised garden bed, too much moisture won’t be an issue because it drains out quickly. If there are heavy rains in the forecast, you won’t need to worry. Also, if the soil in your area is too damp to grow anything, raised garden beds will control the moisture, allowing you to plant anything you want.

Another reason that experienced gardeners choose to use raised garden beds is that the mixtures of fertilizer and growing agents can be different in each of the beds. You can group your plants in raised garden beds with other plants that have similar fertilizer needs. This will ensure that each plant gets what it needs to thrive.

You no longer need to try to find the right combination to halfway please all of the plants. You can please them all completely. You can also cut down on the amount of pesticides that you will need to use. Rather than spreading them over the entire area, you would just need to spread them in each smaller garden bed.

When you put all of these benefits together, it is clear that raised garden beds are the best choice. You can expect your garden to be twice as productive as it would be if you were to plant a traditional garden bed. If you are serious about your garden and you want it to thrive, you should consider planting a raised garden bed.

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Benefits Of Planting A Raised Garden Bed

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