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Baked Pet Treats

Baked treats for pets are a great way to treat your pet. If you happen to have a pooch of your own, no doubt he loves to get a treat from time to time. However, you may be a bit dubious about the treats that you can buy out there in stores today, especially after all the pet food scares and scams that have been going on lately. So, making a nice treat, such as a Baked treat is a great way that you can make sure your pet gets a great treat without having to worry where it came from and what is in it.
Making Pet Treats is a Labor of Love

Making Baked pet treats is definitely a labor of love for your pet. While they are not difficult to make, you’ll find that they do take a bit of time. However, if you love your pet, no doubt you’ll be thrilled to do this little thing for him. This way you’ll be able to show him your love and affection by offering him some great treats when he’s a “good boy.”

Pet Foods Can Be Dangerous –

So Making Treats is a Great Idea.Another reason that you should definitely consider making your own Baked treats for pets is because pet foods can be dangerous. Many studies are now showing how dangerous commercial pet foods can really be for our pets. In fact, many pets actually die prematurely or end up with horrible diseases from eating pet foods that are on the market today. If you want to make sure that you keep your pet protected from this problem, consider making your pet food and pet treats instead of purchasing them at the store.

There is a lot of hazard in giving your pet too many treats, and although spoiling the animal is a concern, there are also others, such as severe possible side effects of a harmful ingredient in the treat that your pet has been repeatedly exposed to. Making your own Baked pet treats is very beneficial, –because you know what’s going into the food, and can control what the animal is exposed to. But it’s still important to ask a vet what ingredients you should not put in the treat.

Nutritional And Health Concerns

Throughout recent years, many foods and treats sold on mass scales especially for pets were found to contain many ingredients that are actually poisonous to the animal, more so if they have been eating the food their entire lives. Even today, treats and foods for pets can include dairy products, garlic, or onion, wheat gluten, liver, and salt. Chocolate is also poisonous to pets, but rarely ever found in treats or food, and should never actually be given to a pet. All of these can cause numerous diseases in animals, from obesity to heart failure, when given to the animal in large quantities. Reading the ingredients panel of your pet food, or brand of pet treat, might just save your pet’s life, or you could even skip the store bought treats, and make your own at home. Some items, like raisins and popcorn, are frequently given as treats to pets; but raisins are poisonous, and popcorn should remain unsalted.

Consequences In Behaviour

Pets can be spoiled just as easily as children can; if you give them a reward all the time, soon, good behaviour will have lost all meaning, and they will act out regardless of prior training. Children, however, can be verbally corrected. Pets don’t speak our language. So if you give your pet a treat all the time, the idea of getting a treat will have lost all meaning. Spoiling a pet and then punishing your animal for misbehaviour also leads to a lot of avoidable confusion. Train your pet wisely, and keep the treats for the times when you feel your pet deserves one, or now and then for just a little gift.

Make Your Own

Making your own pet treats is tricky, and you should always check with your vet before giving your animal anything to eat that is not specifically “for pets”. If you plan to bake treats for your pet, also be sure of what vitamins are going to be in them, -that way you know just how this will affect your pet’s nutrition.

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