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Animal Ear Dog Treats

Your dog, like your kids, would eat pretty much everything, but for his health, you need to make sure that you are feeding him right. What is right for your dog? Protein is important not only for us but for our pets too. Protein contains amino acids that helps to build and repair body muscles and tissues, form new skin cells, and grow hair.

Not only that, but protein also helps develop immunity to fight off diseases. In your pet, protein boosts his energy levels and prevents his fur from becoming dull and losing hair. Every dog owner needs to understand the importance of protein. Proteins are made up of amino acids, and a dog needs 22 amino acids to make enough protein to meet his body’s needs.

A dog’s body can make about 11 amino acids on its own and the rest comes from his diet. Therefore it is important to provide your dog with a high-protein diet. So what is a high-protein diet? With all the variety of products available in the market, to find a product with high nutritional quality could be a daunting task.

The best way to overcome this is to make an informed decision, try to understand what is in your pet food. Pet food advisors will tell you that your dog cannot digest every kind of protein; a dog’s body can only absorb protein with “high- biological value.” The biological value indicates the proportion of proteins that can be easily absorbed by your body.

A good source of protein for your dog would be the food with high- biological value. A low-biological value food may be rich in protein, but it is of no use because your dog’s body cannot break it down to make amino acids. High protein sources for a dog includes eggs, cheese, fish and real meat, yes real meat. Proteins derived from meat-by products and staples such as corn and wheat have low biological value.

Raw Paws’ Animal Ear Dog Treats

Raw Paws pet food is the one place where you can get 100% real meat food for your pet. It carries a wide range of meat products: turkey, beef, pork, chicken, goat, lamb and even duck. Raw paws does not only have full course 100% meat meals, but even their chewy products are made from real meat. Does your dog like to munch on things? Then give him something that will satiate his desire to chew and will keep it away from your stuff.-Animal Ear Dog treats!

Animal ear treats are healthy and full of nutrition, and it promotes physical as well as oral health. Chewing is a natural process which helps animal keep their teeth clean and gums healthy. All animal treats are rich in protein, omega 3, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Animal ear treats are all natural which means it does not have any antibiotics, preservatives, or added hormones.

The treats are fully digestible and maintain the natural flavor that dogs love so much! They are high in protein and has a low concentration of fatty acid, which makes them perfect healthy treats for your dogs. Animal ears are safer and healthier choice than artificially processed or rawhide treats. A word of caution to the pet parents, who buy rawhide treats for their pets: the rawhide treats pose a serious threat of blockage and your pet can even choke on them.

A blockage is considered a health risk bigger than indigestion because pieces of rawhide can block your pooches’ esophagus or even their digestive tracts. In contrast, animal ears or legs are perfectly safe and pose no health hazard. They are highly recommended by the veterinarians because chewing on bones and ears comes naturally to the animals, especially dogs.

Chewing also works as a stress reliever, and if you think your dog is always edgy and acting out, then you can treat him with animal ears which will keep them engaged for hours. Raw Paws’ animal ear treats are long lasting and your dog can have hours of delectable fun. Right now, Raw Paws offers two kinds of animal ears pork and cow ears, and both are equally nutritious and healthy.

Cow ears have glucosamine and chondroitin which gives the additional benefit of keeping your pets’ joints healthy. Cow ears can be extremely beneficial for aging dogs and the breeds that are genetically prone to arthritis and joint pain.

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