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Amazing Herbal Gift Ideas From Your Garden

Amazing Herbal Gift Ideas From Your Garden

One of the best parts of being a good gardener is having the ability to share the fruits of your labor. A lot of gardeners are eager to show off their bounty, and putting together gifts that are both garden-inspired and made by you can be tons of fun. If you’re lucky enough to have a hearty herb garden, the gift ideas that follow of your land.

Create Herbal-Inspired Candles From Your Garden

Candles are an incredibly versatile gift that can be given to family and close friends. Both luxurious and practical, they provide literal warmth and impart a sense of home and hearth. If you’re an experienced candle maker, this is a very engaging and fun way to treat the people you love with handmade presents.

Take advantage of the herbs within your garden to infuse you candles with natural fragrances. With just a nominal amount of effort, you can create amazing results. Even if you’ve never made a candle before, you can purchase basic candles that are high in quality and then infuse these with herbs that have been grown in your garden.

Make Herbal Satchels

If you have relatives and friends who enjoy using potpourri and everything else that smells good, you can use your herbs to create homemade herbal satchels. This is an excellent strategy for using dried flower petals and flowers that are still rich with aroma. Collect these from old bouquets and arrangements or head into your own garden to combine dried petals, herbs and flowers. These dried flowers and herbs are incredibly aromatic and they can be easily bundled together to create eye-pleasing satchels, jars, and bowls.

You’ll probably need to do some experimenting first in order to determine which fragrances work best when combined, but it’s generally a good idea to use the freshest flowers, given that these will have the greatest amount of fragrance. Complete your satchels with pretty bows and enjoy the expressions of joy on your recipients’ faces. These are the ideal gifts for all the romantics in your life who love floral aromas.

Bottle Concoctions That Are Infused With Herb Oil

Is there someone in your family who loves cooking gourmet meals? If there is, following is an amazing gift idea for individuals who appreciate the finer things. One excellent strategy for preserving fresh herbs is to have these saved in herbal oils. It’s best to start with olive oil that’s been cold-pressed or another high-quality cooking oil.

Then, collect a few sprigs of your favorite herb and add these in. The best choices include thyme, rosemary or other fresh herbs that abound in your garden. Finish up by tying an attractive bow around the bottle and your gift will be ready for presentation. This is also an easy way to create a nice housewarming present as well. Tell your recipients that these mixtures will be at their best within about two months.

Additional, Easy Ideas For Gourmet Gifts

For people who love to cook, here are several, additional ideas on how to make your own gifts with your herb garden. It’s possible to create wonderful herb vinegar that people can add to salads or use as the base for homemade salad dressing. It’s also possible to create fresh and spicy packets of seasoning mix. This is perfect if you have a number of regional herbs and want to share the flavors of your area with someone who’s from out of town.

If one of your relatives loves martinis, think about creating a herb-infused vodka. It’s possible to brew your own vodka that’s been infused with rosemary, lavender or other aromatic herbs. This is an original and impressive gift for housewarming parties and it’s virtually guaranteed to please even the most discerning of friends and family members.

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Awesome Herbal Gift Ideas From Your Garden

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