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A Simple Container Water Garden

A Simple Container Water Garden

Building a pond or buying a fountain for your backyard can be costly and time-consuming, and of course, you may not even have enough space for either one. If that sounds like your situation, a water container garden can be an affordable and practical solution. This type of water garden takes up very little space and won’t break the bank, and you won’t have to put up with someone digging all over your garden. If a container water garden sounds delightful and appealing, the following ideas may help you to get started.

Versatile Container Water Garden

Guests to your home can’t help be impressed if you create one of these water gardens, that takes less than an hour to set up. If you have a large pot that is watertight and you add some floating water plants to it, you basically have a simple yet attractive container water garden. Much of the fun is in deciding what types of plants you would like, as well as choosing the container itself, and there are plenty of colors and styles available.

Creating A Unique Container Water Garden

You can basically use any watertight pot for your container water garden, although a glazed pot is ideal, especially if you have chosen to grow lotus plants. The key thing to keep in mind is that the pot must be completely watertight, and you should also choose a pot that is the right size in relation to the space you have available. 

The perfect container pot will also measure at least 24 inches across and will have a height of at least 18 inches. If you have a half barrel handy, you can line it with plastic sheeting available from any hardware store to make it watertight; the half barrel just happens to be the ideal size for a container garden.

However, you should keep in mind that moving the half barrel once it is full of water can be something of a challenge as they are heavy. It is recommended to place the half barrel in the right place the first time; that way you won’t have the headache of trying to move it. A balcony patio or deck may not be the perfect location for a half barrel container water garden.

The aquatic plants that you use for your container water garden will need to be supported on bricks or blocks inside the container. However, these blocks will, of course, make the overall weight of the container more, but if you aren’t intending to move the container once you have it placed in its spot, they make an effective support.

Filling the container carefully with water is the next step, and you may then want to arrange your plants how you like to add the finishing touch. If you have a creative side, this is a good opportunity for it to come out and there really are no firm rules as to how you arrange the plants; it is entirely up to you and your personal tastes.

Putting a Decorative Touch to Your Water Garden

It is fairly easy and inexpensive to install a re-circulating hand pump and this decorative touch can add to the enjoyment of your water garden by creating that pleasant and relaxing sound of water running. A short hose attached to the small pump that has been installed at the bottom of the container will ensure that you and your guests get to enjoy your own miniature fountain.

Another advantage of installing a water pump is that the water won’t become stagnant and attract insects, as the pump will ensure the water is constantly circulating. Following the tips above can ensure that your container water garden brings you hours of enjoyment, at a fraction of the cost of a fountain.

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A Simple Container Water Garden

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