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A Quick Look Of The Most Popular Livestock Alternatives

What are your alternatives in relation to livestock farming? When planning you should have an idea of the type of animals you want to rear as well as your farm management goals. Below are the different farm animal options for those who want to rear livestock as a hobby or business.

1. Horses

If you love farm animals, you will enjoy breeding horses. If you desire to earn a regular income from horse breeding, you should look for other farm animal alternatives. This does not mean that raising horses does not have profit potential. If you are passionate about breeding horses for profit, you need to consider profitable horse breeds such as Gypsy Cobs, Fell Ponies, and Friesians.

2. Sheep

You will never go wrong with breeding sheep for profit. There are different ways of making money from sheep. Their meat is highly demanded during Christian, Jewish and Muslim holidays. The prices of lamb have been great over the years.

Milk cheese is a sheep product with enormous profit potential. Sheep fleece is used in making wool. There is a worldwide market for wool.

3. Cattle

This is a common farm animal. Beef cattle are a perfect alternative for hobby farmers because this farm animal requires little maintenance. Cattle meat has a high demand in different parts of the world. It is easy to raise beef cow compared to raising other animals. It requires less time, effort and money. Cattle diseases are easily treatable by most local veterinarians. You can also prevent common cattle diseases. Prevention is the best strategy. Thus, you will not have to spend a lot of money in treating a cow or visit far flung places to get an ill cow treated.

4. Pigs

It is an enjoyable endeavor to raise pigs. It is easy to care for this farm animal. When you raise your pigs in a humane manner, you will obtain great pork that will have a high demand in the market. Raising pigs has high overhead costs; this interferes with the profit margins of many farmers. Of late, the prices of pork have diminished.

This has negatively affected pig farmers. You can find ways of minimizing your costs while maximizing your profits when raising pigs. Do not sell your pigs in any market. To facilitate income from your piggery, you need to tap the most profitable markets.

5. Rabbits

Most people raise rabbits as pets. However, there are those who keep them with an intention of making profits. You can sell rabbit meat for a profit. The fiber from rabbits can also be sold. Of late, there is a growing market for rabbit urine. It is used to make organic fertilizer. To make a good profit out of your bunnies, you will need to find markets for the different rabbit products.

6. Goats

Do you know that over 70% of people from different countries consume goat meat regularly? Goats make a profitable farm animal option because there is a large market for goat meat. Aside from selling the meat, you can also sell the milk and fiber obtained from goats.

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