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A Livestock Owner’s Guide To Selecting The Best Pig Dealer

Raising pigs on a farm can be a profitable business if you have a knack for managing pigs as a business. Once you get your pigs from a trusted source, you are on your way to success. Of course, if you choose to be a pig farmer, having pig dealers in your network will prove to be very beneficial. If you are yet to find the right pig dealer to work with, then putting the following tips to work will help you tremendously.

1. Get Recommendations

As the saying goes, word of mouth is the most effective marketing tool. If you are looking for a pig farmer getting recommendations from relevant authorities like the veterinarian who is likely to have worked with pig dealers, can go a long way. Veterinarians are likely to have important information like which pig dealers raise the best pigs, which pig farm is sanitary, and which dealer has consistently healthy pigs.

2. Tour a Pig Farm

Once you have narrowed your search a bit, and have found a pig farmer or two with whom you are considering doing business with, take a trip out to the farm and look around. Getting a recommendation is one thing, seeing everything with your own two eyes is quite another. As a rule, the healthiest pigs are found in open-spaced farms where they can move around without much restriction. The pigs get the exercise they need and enjoy some mud while they are at it.

3. Do Your Homework

Any pig dealer you opt to work with should be licensed and certified as such. A legitimate pig dealer should be openly associated with animal husbandry councils and trade associations. They should also have the appropriate accreditation from certifying organizations, including those that issue licenses and permits for operating businesses.

4. Opt For Competence

In the case of pig dealers, knowledge is power. A good pig dealer is knowledgeable about, and experienced in, the business and craft of pig farming. He or she should be able to answer your questions about raising pigs including feeding them properly and caring for them when sick. Pig dealers who cannot sufficiently address these and other basic inquiries are not worth your time or monetary investment.

5. Protect Your Bottom Line

Guarantees and return policies are your security when dealing with a pig dealer, so do not be afraid to ask for them. Pig dealers who cannot provide you with basic guarantees are not worth your time at all. For example, if a pig you purchased from a dealer gets sick within a given period due to no fault of yours, you should be able to return that pig and get a refund. Another worst case scenario is the other pigs already on your farm getting sick from interacting with the newly bought pigs. Neither situation is desirable. You should be compensated should anything like this happen.

If you decide to work with a pig dealer, ask for his or her return policy and get it in writing. This way, in the eventuality that something goes wrong, you do not stand to lose your investment or suffer big losses to your livestock.

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