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A Frightened Cat May Refuse To Go Near The Litter Box

A Frightened Cat May Refuse To Go Near The Litter Box

Cats are nervous animals who are always on the alert. Fearful felines may act inappropriately in awkward or unknown situations, however, in the past, such behavior may have helped them to survive under threat. In a hostile environment, a small cat makes a tasty meal for a larger animal. Being adopted as popular domestic pets has certainly made cats less nervous; nevertheless, the skittish creatures often overreact and rely on instinct to keep them safe.

Cats avoid litter boxes for numerous reasons, in fact, a cat with an infection may flatly refuse to use the box. Our feline friends also hate using dirty litter boxes, they would far rather soil in an inappropriate place.

The Main Reasons Why Cats are Scared of Litter Boxes

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The animal may avoid the box for a number of reasons. For instance, the cat may be scared of the actual box or be frightened of the area where the box is situated. If the cat associates the space surrounding the litter box with a traumatic or unpleasant experience, then he or she will refuse to use it and soil elsewhere. A cat has a good long-term memory and will recall any frightening incident for a long while after. There are ways to help your cat overcome his fears if moving the box is not an option.

Encourage your cat to rest and relax in the room where the litter box sits. Offer your pet a few treats and give him or her plenty of attention.

Help overcome the cat’s fears by offering treats. This may help to lure him or her into the litter box.

Place the box in a well-lit warm area and ensure the cat has privacy.

Cats are often wary of new litter boxes. He or she may find the new box scary.

Cats need to feel secure, so walk towards the litter box and encourage him to follow. After a while, the cat will gain confidence and walk to the box himself.

Frightened cats may mess behind a chair or on the rug. Don’t punish your cat for soiling in an appropriate place because it will make the animal even more nervous. A scared animal is far less likely to soil in a litter box. The majority of cats who are frightened of their box have a troubled past, so owners should be patient and kind to help the animal overcome his or her fears.

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A Frightened Cat May Refuse To Go Near The Litter Box

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