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A Brief Guide To Perennial Plants

A Brief Guide To Perennial Plants

Perennial plants establish quickly, grow fast and require little maintenance. The fragrant plants we know as perennials provide all year round color in the garden. Keen gardeners and green fingered homeowners who enjoy gardening will benefit from reading this handy guide to perennial plants. If your yard not looking as colorful as it ought to then read on; we have created a list of plants that could help to transform your outdoor space into a riot of color.

Choose Perennial Plants to Suit Your Soil

A percentage of amateur gardeners buy unsuitable plants. For instance, certain species thrive in moist ground whereas other plants prefer dry shady ground. Buy the wrong plants and your gardening project will turn into an expensive hobby. Choosing the right plants is the key to establishing an attractive, fragrant, long-lasting garden. In the first instance, consider your planting zone. This will help you to buy seeds and plants that will thrive in the local climate. Those who are unsure of their zone should refer to an online zone chart.

Certain plants grow well in various climates, but they are few and far between. It is easier to identify and buy plants that are known to thrive in your zone. Choosing suitable plants for your climate makes gardening easier.

Nevertheless, some hardy perennials do grow in gardens with different climates, but you should always identify your zone before designing a garden filled with perennials. For example, check the information on the back of seed packets to determine whether the plants are likely to grow and thrive in your climate. Read a Gardening book or refer to a gardener’s magazine for detailed information.

Hardy Perennials are a Gardeners Secret Weapon

So, you have decided to plan your own perennial garden. Seasoned gardeners plant perennials to create a spectacular garden, a haven of colorful and scented blooms that attract admiration. However, bear in mind, each perennial plant grows in a different way. Explore and learn more about perennials to help you pick the ideal plants for your region. Remember, every zone lends itself to different perennial plants.

The Expense of All-Year Round Color in the Garden

Stroll around your local nursery and note the price of the plants. The gaily colored annuals planted in small black plastic packs look wonderful. However, brightly colored annual plants flower for one season only, whereas perennial plants bloom on for the entire season. Annuals are not as costly as perennials as they only flower for a number of weeks before dying back. Plant colorful perennials and you can watch them grow and flower for months on end.

Here is a List of Low-Maintenance, Easy Grow Perennials

This is a short list of hardy, colorful, and adaptable perennial plants:

. The peony will generally thrive in zones 3-8.
. Colorful lilies are adaptable; they are known to flourish in various warm climates.
. The Day lily, bulb lily and the Siberian-like the growing conditions in zones 3-8.
. Echinacea is also known as the Purple Coneflower grows well in zones 3-8. This low maintenance perennial plant is highly valued for its medicinal.


. Black-Eyed Susan and the Stonecrop also grow well in zones 3-8.
. The Crane bill is a hardy perennial favored by gardeners in Zone 3.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this brief guide to perennial plants. It is not difficult to design your own garden if you learn about plants that thrive in your zone. The brightly colored pansies and Marigolds may seem attractive, but the perennial is a plant that keeps giving all season round.

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A Simple Guide To Perennial Plants Gardening

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