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A Basic Guide To Making Your Backyard Landscape Design

A Basic Guide To Making Your Backyard Landscape Design

Although front yard landscaping is largely focused on boosting the appearance of the entire property with respect to the way in which the yard complements the residential building structure, landscaping in the backyard is more about function, enjoyment, privacy, entertainment and increasing the overall size of usable living space. As such, there’s a considerable difference between front and backyard landscaping. To determine which area and purpose you want to adapt, make the following considerations:

The Issue Of Function

One of the first considerations that you should make when choosing a landscaping design for your backyard is the function of this space or your intended purpose for it. Why are you landscaping your backyard? How do you plan on using this space? Which activities must be accounted for in order to make optimal use of the available area while ensuring beautiful aesthetics. Once you’ve answered these questions, you will have a much clearer understanding of the design type that will work best. Answering these questions will also give you clearer ideas for the considerations that follow.

The Overall Floor Plan

As mentioned earlier, the cornerstone of backyard landscaping design should always be a need rather than mere aesthetics. Due to this fact, your floor plan should also be based on your needs for this space. Before you start mapping your floor plan out, take a minute to list each one of your objectives. This will help you identify all of the different elements that should be included. Next, sketch your plan out so that you can allocate the space according to the different purposes that you’ve listed.

The Wall

A wall is one of the most important aspects of your backyard landscaping designs. This is a solid barrier or boundary that will separate your property from the outside world. Walls provide both privacy and protection and this means that they usually come in the forms of a sufficiently high fence.

Given that you likely have a concrete fence already, you may need to add just a few live plants or other basic landscaping elements like shrubs or trees. Keep in mind that the type of wall you use should be in line with your purpose. Do your want a barrier for added privacy? Are you looking to limit outside noise? Answering these questions will help you determine which wall type is best for your needs.

Creating A Ceiling

Determine which ceiling type will work best for this space whether this is a roof, a canopy or an overhanging tree. This is going to enhance the sense of privacy, serenity, and solitude that space provides.

Choosing The Right Plants

In terms of deciding which types of plants you should purchase, do more than simply adapt the options that are present in the front yard. Your backyard will serve a very different purpose from that of the purpose for your front yard which means that you should also plant a different variety of plants in this area. Plants in the front yard are typically selected to frame or accent the home. Plants that are placed in the backyard, however, are meant to highlight specific areas, hide areas that are less than appealing, create greater solitude and showcase the hardscape.

Additional Landscaping Elements

A comprehensive backyard landscape design must additionally include a few non-living elements such as marbles, rocks, soil, fences and concrete structures. You should never allow these to take up the whole backyard or dominate it, however, given that they only exist to accentuate or enhance other elements. Each of these additions must also be chosen to support the intended purpose of the overall landscaping design.

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A Basic Guide To Making Your Backyard Landscape Design

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