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3 Seasonal Safety Tips For Your Furry Friends

3 Seasonal Safety Tips For Your Furry Friends

With the warmer weather coming and Springtime cleaning all around your pet, there are some hazards you need to be aware of. Warmer weather means bacterias start growing again as they thrive in warmth and moisture. Some household cleaners and garden pesticides can be extremely toxic to dogs. You need to remember your pet is as susceptible to allergies just as we are. Here are 3 seasonal safety tips to keep your Fifi or Fido free from harm and enjoying the Springtime.

1) Skin Issues and Allergies

Regular bathing and grooming can help cut down on seasonal allergies and skin issues related to the weather changes. Dry, itchy, skin can help bacteria propagate and progress into infection if not treated properly. A good Spring cleaning of Fido or Fifi will put a pep in their step and help prevent further issues.

Seasonal allergies in dogs can show up with symptoms such as a pinkish rash, itchiness, and/or constant chewing at a certain spot. Allergies can irritate your dog and should be diagnosed by a veterinarian. In many cases, allergies and skin issues can be managed naturally. In other cases, you may have to remove the irritant or make a dietary change. As the weather changes so does the air dogs breathe and things they can come in contact with.

2) Household cleaners, Garden Pesticides, and Garage Fluids

When shopping for home cleaning products and pesticides for the garden, you need to check the labels to make sure they are safe to use around your dogs. Their respiratory systems are smaller than ours and fumes or toxins can affect your pets quicker than in humans. Be aware of the labels and for the best seasonal safety tips stay away from products unsafe for your pet.

Oil, gasoline, and antifreeze are common garage fluids that are fatal to dogs. When Spring cleaning the garage or storage shed to make sure the containers are locked up, the ground is free from spills or has been treated with a proper spill absorbent material. Antifreeze is a common killer of dogs as it has a sweet scent and is extremely poisonous.

Accidental poisoning can be avoided by being aware of labels and treating contaminants properly to avoid your dog’s exposure to them. Think of Fido when buying these types of products or skip them altogether.

3) Spaying and Neutering

Springtime is when many female dogs who aren’t spayed will come into heat. Males dogs who are unaltered can catch the scent of the female from up to 3 miles away. Mating in dogs is “scentual” and can cause males to roam seeking out the female. The female may howl, bark, or otherwise, call out to let other dogs know she’s ready. Spaying your female dog or neutering your male dog will prevent the roaming and nuisance of dogs mating routines. Spaying or neutering is healthy for your pet and helps to prevent overpopulation of pets.

Enjoy the warmer weather and the outdoors with your dog. Springtime means more adventures with your companion. Seasonal safety tips would also include being aware of your pet’s surroundings even when on walks, at the park, and especially at home. Be safe and love your dog.

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3 Seasonal Safety Tips For Your Furry Friends

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