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Your In-Depth Guide To Dog Potty Training

Your In-Depth Guide To Dog Potty Training

Dog potting training should start when dogs are mere puppies. Sadly, however, there are a still a number of dogs who still don’t have any idea of when and where they should poop. Even though house training has long been a popular practice among pet owners, some people have yet to properly train their dogs. One of the many benefits of training these animals is simply knowing that he or she won’t be using your entire home as one big comfort room.

Much like every other form of dog training, dog potting training requires a few things for ensuring optimal results. These include:

Good Timing

Not every dog will be ready for this training at the same time and it isn’t a good idea to subject pets to dog potty training at all times. The perfect time to correct a dog for misbehaving in terms of going to the bathroom is right after your dog has pooped. If you catch your dog pooping in the home, capture his attention and start encouraging him to finish his business outdoors.

Establish a command for stopping and making sure to use a low tone of voice in the process. After you’ve done this, start using the command “outside”, while gently guiding your animal to the area in which you want him to start eliminating on a regular basis.

The Act

More often than not, pet owners only see the results of these events and not the actual acts themselves. When this happens, do your best to ignore the problem and then wait until it happens again. Don’t try rubbing your dog’s nose in his waste as this isn’t the right way to teach the lesson properly.

It is far better to make the dog come to the space and scold him in front of the poop, rather than rubbing the poop into his nose. Why? After just a few minutes have passed, your dog won’t be able to make the connection between the scolding and the action that resulted in the scolding.

For instance, if your dog is chewing on his bone and you give him a scolding for pooping in the house an hour or so ago, your pet may think that you’re scolding him for gnawing on his bone, rather than for pooping inside.

The Accompaniment

There are times when owners might catch their dogs going poop inside, only to order them outside and then come right back in and finish pooping. In this case, the puppy still hasn’t made a mistake. He is simply unsure of what you’re trying to tell him by making him go outside.

If you want your dog to follow your command, you will need to take the time to go outside with him in order to continue the lesson. This is a great time to use a leash for better overall control.

The Command

Commands are an integral part of overall training and they’re perfect for communicating with dogs. The primary problem with commands, however, are the words that people use. Most people don’t know that their dogs can’t understand the meanings of words that have not been properly introduced.

Thus, with dog potty training, pet owners have to introduce both the commands and their meaning in order to obtain acceptable results. For instance, you can start by saying “Outside” and then signaling for your dog to go outside. You can follow this by saying “Go to the bathroom” so that your dog knows that you want him to eliminate.

When your dog does good, be sure to reward him accordingly, and when he fails, punish him for not following your command. Repetition in these efforts will condition your dog to go outside and poop whenever he hears the commands “outside” and “go to the bathroom”.

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A Relevant Guide To Potty Train Your Dog

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