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Understanding Your Dog’s Training Aggression Better

Understanding Your Dog’s Training Aggression Better

Any dog will react in its own way, aggression is the behavior that portrays due to stimulation by multiple reasons and various circumstances. To determine a dog is aggressive it can translate to a wide range of host things. Dog training aggression can entail how fast it takes the dog to respond to alarms or in case of an attack. Dogs may vary in their response to the stimulus, some may abort their efforts any point during the aggressive encounter while others will not.

It is very important to understand how your dog reacts and for how long it takes of the dog to respond to the stimulus. To understand all this seemingly complex behavior you have to keenly observe the behavior of the dog under different circumstances. This will provide you with the weaknesses and strengths of your dog’s ability to respond to any stimulus. In this article, I will give you some of the tips that will significantly help you understand your dog’s aggressiveness, why it behaves so and what can be done to improve the behavior. If the dog is responding well, how to maintain the behavior or improve it.

Categories of Aggression

1. Genetic Aggression

This is a behavioral trait that is normally exhibited by poor breeding. The dog inherits this trait from its parents or grandparents. This type of aggression is difficult to change and can even cause the dog to die during training since it is not a temporary behavior. For you to help a dog with such trait you will need to understand what type of behavior the dog cannot change. This will help you decide on how to handle the dog. Dog training aggression is a behavior that can be conditioned to mutate and improve to a better trait. This may take a lot of time for the dog to adopt.

2. Learned Behavior

In this type of aggression, the dog learns some traits when growing (puppy life) as it becomes an adult. It adopts these traits as its own and may change it whole behavior. These type of characters are easy to lose during the training and the dog can easily adapt to other better behaviors. Some of the characters which are negative will require the owner of the dog and person training it to be more observant not to get injured by the dog during training. Any dog will have a learned behavior from its puppyhood and as it crosses over to adulthood it will be required to lose it. You will need to understand which behavior the dog possess and how to change it. With the best stimulus, the dog will give positive results easily and fast.

3. Breed Specific

The breed of the dog will determine the type of behaviors the dog will have. Some breeds will not have any challenges adapting to positive aggressiveness. This means that the character traits of the breed are not permanently there. It will be easy to understand the dog and its aggressiveness toward the stimuli it is subjected to. Dogs just like human being have their own inherited characters, the type of breed that will have more negative aggression and positive aggression may have a hard time to improve on the negative aggression. This calls for longer period of training and studying the dog’s behavior


What will trigger a dog’s aggression may vary from one another. It can be another dog running past that will make the dog react to its movement. It is advised to note the behavior that the dog will have towards the stimuli. This will help understand the type of response expected from the dog when such a stimuli is presented to the dog.

Dog training aggression can be a child moving toward a food bowl or a toy that is used by the dog every day. The dog is expected to give a different response from the previous one. It can be by the owner himself. All these response responses are crucial for the god’s aggression and training. What stimulus trigger which behavior in your dog is very important to put into consideration. It will be easy to understand your dog easier this way. Dogs may develop some defensive mechanisms to avoid the stimulus. This will affect the dog’s general response to any alarm.

The dog’s body language will tell you more about its response to any stimulus. They tend to intimidate using their body, a dog may try to make himself taller than other animals by raising its hackles and lock its gaze to one place and display more control over the mouth muscles. The most important thing to not about your dog is the preference and differentiating smells.

During Dog’s training aggression, dogs have been given the ability to master smells and give an aggressive response toward that particular smell. If you can understand this character for your dog will not have any challenges controlling the behavior of your dog under some stimulus. The dog can condition itself not to forget a type of smell that either gave it a positive conditioning or a negative conditioning.


Aggression should not be a form of punishment to your dog. Many dog owners have adopted to act to punish the dog with some aggressive stimuli themselves. It should be forced on helping the dog learn to behave from this form of punishment or conditioning. This way the dog will eventually learn that aggression is an accepted form of response. Some Dog

Some Dog training aggression stimulus like fear is born within the dog, if you condition the dog by beating it you could end up establishing a form of fear that may cause the dog not to positively respond to the task it is being trained to do. This may at the end lead to an aggressive behavior that cannot be controlled. The dog may eventually become less skillful than if you used specific methods to condition and train the dog for it to learn what it is accepted of it and what it should never do. This will give the dog a better response to the training skills it is told to embrace. Any dog trainer or owner should be able to understand his dog’s aggressive response to specific stimuli.

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How To Get Hold Of A Better Understanding Regarding Dog Training Aggression

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