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Tips For Planning Your Edible Landscape

Tips For Planning Your Edible Landscape

When food plants are practically integrated within a decorative or ornament setting, it is known as an edible landscaping. Edible landscapes are quite popular as they combine beauty and functionality. Creating an edible landscape can be a fun and fulfilling task. However, before you embark on your project, a lot of work and planning is required. To achieve best results, follow some simple tips for planning an edible landscape listed below in his guide.

Gather Information and ideas

When planning to set up an edible landscape, ensure that you collect ideas that you may have seen in photos on websites, magazines or actual landscapes. Gather all the pictures of your landscape designs and favorite plants and make clippings or store the information in a folder on your computer.

Visualize your Landscape

When planning to create an edible landscape, visualize a landscape that you would love to look at. A great way to do this is to incorporate your favorite colors in your landscape designing. Additionally, make a list of all those plants that make your feel happy and relaxed and try including them in your plan.

Choose Edibles Desired

Harvesting is one of the best things about edible landscaping. Therefore, having some idea about the type of fruits, herbs, vegetables or edibles you would like to harvest in the end is essential. So, if you planning to grow fresh herbs to be used in cooking grow a variety of them. Similarly, if you love berries, ensure that you include berry bushes in your plans.

Seek Advice from local landscapers

Not all plants that you want to grow in your landscape may grow well in your geographic area. When making a list of the desired plants that you would like to grow in your landscape, it is always best to do some research about them. This will help save your time and energy from doing something that is doomed from the start. Different plants thrive well in different locations. Therefore, consulting a local gardener or landscaper can help you choose plants that will thrive well in your area.

Plan a Design

After you have done your research and decided on the colors and the type of plants you would like to have on your landscape, make a design out of the final idea. The important elements when designing an edible landscape are strong, firm lines and structure. Get the exact dimensions of your yard and draw a simple outline that can help you decide where you can plant everything. To make your design visually more comprehensible, paste small pieces of photos that you have collected on the design page in the appropriate section.

With all the information required for edible landscape in hand, all you need to do is to take the final step of putting your ideas into practice. An edible landscape nurtures all the senses and can be one of the most rewarding yards one can have. With proper planning and some hard work, you will not only have a yard that produces fresh and delicious fruits, vegetables, herbs and other edibles but is also visually pleasing.

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Tips For Planning Your Edible Landscape

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