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Thoughts On Building Your Own Compost Bin

If you have no interest in purchasing a compost bin to contain that compost pile, the good news is that you can inexpensively and easily build one yourself to get the job done. And by doing this, you can help make certain that you have greater control over the pile size, as well as making certain you can deter animals who are not welcome from trying to help themselves to some free food.

In getting started, if the lumber you are using is recycled, you want to be certain that non-toxic material was used in that process. The last thing that you want is for anything poisonous or toxic to have any contact whatsoever with your compost. This is even more important in those instances where it will be put to use in the growing of food.

You are going to require 20 3-foot sections of 1X6 boards, as well as four 4-foot sections of 2X4 boards. You will then get started by hammering into the ground the 2X4 lumber pieces using a sledgehammer to get the job done. You will be spacing each corner 3 feet apart, creating a 3 feet squared container. The next step will be to secure with nails five boards to every side, making certain that enough room is left between each of the boards to permit the circulation of air. Finally, to cover the top, you can use a piece of plywood or some other material large enough to get the job done.

Still another suggestion for getting your bin built is to use either recycled or new pallets to get the job done. Just get hold of some wooden pallets and screw or nail them together to form a square. You may want to check out a local land fill site where at times you will be able to find yourself some pallets.

Still another option available is to use a wire mesh to enclose the pile. You can either in a circle hammer wooden posts and then secure the mesh to them or with the mesh create a circle and then secure it with metal ties.

For Your Composting Bin – The Very Best Place

In close proximity to either your garden or your kitchen is the most common location people choose for their compost bin or pile. They want to make it as simple as possible to bring their garden waste or food scraps to the composter. The yard waste can get quite heavy and if you have a large yard, you don’t want the thought of transporting the material to the bin to be a deterrent of any sort to composting.

When you are looking to choose a composting site, there are other considerations to keep in mind. Take a look at the ones that follow and always remember that it should be in a place that either children or animals are not going to disturb or get in it.

The ground both should not be prone to collecting excessive water and it should be level. Too much water in the compost pile will keep it from working properly and even though you do want it to stay moist, you don’t want it to be excessively wet.
It is also important, in addition to the ground being level, that you have easy access to it with a wheelbarrow.

Remember also that you do not want the pile to get too hot and too dry, so a shady location is the very best choice. That pile has to maintain some moisture, so you do not want any external forces drying it up.

If you can keep it fairly close to a water supply, this is a good thing. If you can reach it with a garden hose so that you can keep it moist without it accumulating too much water, this is great.

You may want to leave yourself enough room to add a second bin if you can do so, because in the future you may decide you need one. Having them next to each other makes it easy to rotate the pile by moving it from one bin to the next, should the need ever arise.

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