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The Reality Of Puppy Dog Training

The Reality Of Puppy Dog Training

It is exciting for everyone, especially the children when a new puppy comes into the home, but it is important that you got the puppy trained after giving this new addition to the family a lot of thought and not just out of the emotion of the moment. There is truth to the saying, “Dogs are for life not just for Christmas”. Dogs can add a lot of happiness and great memories, but they require a lot of hard work and training and that is not always fun.

Guard dog group

The puppy’s breed and how he is brought up will determine its temperament. Rottweiler’s, German Shepherds, Boxers and Bull dogs are all from the guard dog group and can be quite protective and loving. Bearded and Boarder collies are herding dogs and are often seen on farms and ranches where their enthusiasm and penchant for never sitting still is ideal.

However, this can be a problem when brought into urban or city areas to live since they can become agitated or frightened by bridges, loud noises, and other modern day technologies. Hunting dogs, like Pointers and Labradors, are energetic and provide many laughable moments. Nevertheless, these are only generalities and one can expect each dog to have its own personality.

How it takes to train a puppy

Puppy dog training can be accomplished in just a few weeks, but that depends on the amount of time and attention you devote to the practice. There is no need to spend hours on end every day training your puppy. A few minutes at a time several times during each day should be sufficient. Along with potty training, you should teach your puppy obedience using basic commands such as sit, come, stay, heel and fetch.

As they master these, you can begin to teaching them others, like paw, play dead and roll over. Puppy training is not as difficult as some people think because they are like blank slates ready to receive input. What they are taught today will remain with them and influence their behavior for the rest of their lives. Still, training will not last forever unless it is reinforced by you spending a few minutes every day reminding them what you want them to do.

Why not training your puppy can be an issue

An untrained puppy comes with lots of unpleasant consequences. To begin with, you home will be in turmoil as the young dog does whatever it wants. The furniture will have holes in it and your floors will become one big toilet. Puppies are similar to babies and must be taught what they can do and what they cannot. You will need puppy dog training to get this right.

Experienced and inexperienced handlers alike turn to training products and aids even though it can be accomplished without them. A little old fashioned hard work is what’s needed. It can take a few months of training to get your puppy where you want him to be, but the time spent is well worth it.

After that, don’t forget to reinforce the training every day so the dog won’t forget. Otherwise, you may have to start over again at ground zero and this will be a much harder task since bad habits will have set in.

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Understanding The Reality Of Training Your Puppy

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