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The Easy Way To Have An Alluring Patio All Year Round

There is so much fun to be had with a garden. You can still have a dream worthy garden without a large budget and a great deal of time. Your patio, sidewalk, and backyard will never be the same again with a few simple additions. It’s amazing how a small change in lighting can make space feel new. A centerpiece plant is great eye candy for you and the birds will love it too.

You can bring more sidewalk appeal by adding key colors and textures. Plus, you’ll spruce up how you feel about your home too. You can create an impressive display on your patio with a container garden. You can choose plants that can withstand your climate and don’t require much maintenance.

Plants For Your Style And Season

A container garden is very easy to set up. It’s nearly an instant garden that allows you to place plants side by side that cannot be planted next to each other. Plus, since you’re using containers, you can change the look anytime you like. Whether you prefer perennials or showy plants, there are many different plants that are affordable, hardy, and a nice touch to any garden.

If you’re looking for something easy to grow, consider lavender. It’s resistant nature helps the plant cope with a number of conditions very well. Day Lilies are beautiful and spread very well on their own. Yaupon Holly is another great option to add a splash of red color that is easy to maintain and attracts birds.

Hens and chicks are a luscious pink and green that will survive those cold winter months on your porch. These little alpine succulents are easy to take care of. You won’t have to give them much soil and they won’t need much water once they’ve settled in. They’re fun, easy to grow and can endure a lot. They can remain in full sun and withstand the cold hardy weather.

Redtwig dogwood will give your porch an unmistakably festive look that looks best in winter. They’re stunning to look at, weather resistant, and they afford you privacy. The brightly colored twigs will be a great addition to your porch, giving it vertical dimension. These towering beauties can reach 8 feet tall. Enjoy clusters of white flowers and berries in the spring, but this plant truly shines in the fall when the twigs turn to a rich red.

Make a World Of Difference With Lighting

Gardens are beautiful during the day, but they can be just as special at night. Make your garden magical by painting your large planters with glow in the dark paint. It will cast a beautiful sheen and bring attention to your plant. If you have a tree in your backyard, you can hang votives from the branches in votive jars or mason jars. Placing a seating area just underneath makes an attractive social area in your garden. Get creative with your lighting and use what you feel comfortable with, whether that’s a tin can or string lights.

Grow a Festive Plant

Rosemary and flowers have their place, your garden needs to provide its visitors with visual stimulation. It’s always nice when the garden centerpiece is something fun and festive. You can grow Japanese Kochia Scoparia grass that starts out as a puffy green mass of leaves and later turns vivid pink.

Even if you decide not to choose this as your feature, your garden deserves to be a sight to behold. With a creative use of mirrors, you can really make your space look larger. A couple of framed mirrors will do the trick. You can hang them anywhere in your garden where you want it to appear larger or have a multiplying effect.

Your garden is your sanctuary. A container garden allows you to change up your style with the season and mood much easier than a traditional garden. You can have groups of plants that normally cannot be planted together sitting right next to each other on your patio. Pick a few full sunlight plants that will enjoy your patio as much as you do.

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