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The Best Litter Box Location

The Best Litter Box Location

Where you place your cat’s litter box is just as important as the actual box itself, and it is essential that you find the best possible location for it. Your cat may simply not use the box if it feels that the location is just not acceptable, regardless of the size and quality of litter box and the type of cat litter you are using.


The litter box should never be located too close to your cat’s water and food, and this is the one rule of litter box location that you just should not break.

Cats eliminate away from their nest or their supply of food and water, and placing the litter box next to their water and food may seem like a practical idea to remind them to use the box, but it simply won’t work.

Your cat will have to decide whether she wants to use that area of the room as a place for eliminating waste, o a place for eating and drinking – she won’t want to do both things. Chances are that your cat will start using another area of the room as a substitute for the litter box, as the food and water is only available in that one small area.

Always place the litter box as far away as possible from the cat’s water and food, if you do need to have them all in the same room.

The bathroom is an obvious location for your cat’s litter box if you have enough room for it. It’s as convenient a place as any, and it makes the task of scooping up the litter a little easier.

However, keep in mind that the litter in the box may take longer to dry in a constantly humid environment such as your bathroom.

Just like your bathroom, you probably don’t have carpet down on the floor of your laundry room, and this is another obvious and convenient location for the litter box. However, cats don’t like sudden and loud noises and your cat may find they don’t want to use that room if the spin cycle on the dryer kicks in while they are using the litter box.

Your cat likes to feel secure and safe when using the litter box, and any location for the box should be chosen with that in mind. However, it’s important that you actually check and empty the box every day, so you don’t want to choose a location so hidden away that you forget the box is there.

In fact, you should be checking your litter box for any fresh deposits twice a day. If your cat divides its time between indoors and outdoors, you may find that she likes to go to the toilet outside. However, in case she changes her mind and wants to eliminate indoors you will need to have a litter box and have it accessible and in the right location.

If you have more than one cat, they may not like sharing the litter box, meaning that you will need to have one box per cat. Multiple boxes will prevent each box from becoming too smelly or dirty too.

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Find Out The Ideal Location To Place Your Cat Litter Box

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