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Putting Together Your Own Compost Bin

For general neatness and your own convenience, if you are seeking a compost pile, making your own compost bin will be a great help. Of course, you can find one in different garden stores if you want to lay out the money for it, but what I chose to do is to make my own. You don’t need a lot of materials and it really is relatively simple to get done.

There are those compost bins that are commercially available that have their own devices or systems designed to turn over the compost. And for easier harvest, some feature harvesting mechanisms or trays. All of these things are made for the consumer to have some added conveniences. The truth is that these are things that you don’t really need. What it is that you really need is the enclosures that are necessary to keep the compost materials from being scattered all over the area.

The truth of the matter is that your own ingenuity and imagination are the only limits you will encounter when you go to make your own compost bin. And you should also know that a visit to your garage or storage room will probably provide you with a lot of suitable materials you are going to need to get the job done. That ‘masterpiece” you are contemplating is just a few steps away!

Getting started, I would suggest that you consider gathering a few wooden planks and some wire mesh. You could also consider some pipes perhaps. Basically, what you are looking to do is to create a basic wire fence around the compost pile with as support, the wooden planks or the pipes. To make everything more secure, you simply tie the wire mesh to the planks or the pipes. You choose just what shape you want to build. It could be square, round, triangular or rectangular, whatever you decide.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you are going to want to turn your compost pile over at least once a week, so you want to be sure you have easy access to it. You can either make your enclosure in a way that it can be lifted by you and then placed back, or from the wire mesh you can create a doorway.

If you decide to use some wooden planks from an old shed that you have, or some wooden slats from an old fence, just be certain you leave enough space between them to allow air to flow through. You have to have that air coming through to help to make the decomposition work much faster. The truth is that if you do find enough loose boards to work with, a compost bin that is a dresser-type can be made and it can include a hinged door to give you easy access to the pile.

Still another option you have is to use a garbage can to fashion one. What you have to do is to punch some holes in an old can so that the air will circulate through it. Then into the can, you put your composting materials. Then make sure that you wet the materials inside a bit before you cover it. Just wet them enough that they appear to be damp.

It is always the best idea to place the trashcan compost bin above the ground and to roll it around or turn it over so that the materials will mix. And again, make certain that you always keep the contents damp.

The truth of the matter is that it is relatively easy for you to make your own compost bin. Just make certain to keep in mind that you have to be able, when needed, to wet the pile. You also want to be sure that the air flows through properly and of course, that you have simple and easy access to it.

How To Select A Composing Container

You will have a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes of composting bins to select from. And of course, you can decide not to put one to use and instead create a compost heap or pile.

Just like a drum laid on it’s side is a cylindrical shape compost tumbler. On a base which is supported on the flat ends, it can be turned. And when the drum is turned, at the same time you are rotating and aerating the materials. This is truly a very simple way to get your compost rotated.

Shaped like a round ball is the bio-orb container and in a number of different sizes is available. One of the great advantages this container offers is that you can roll it easily all around the yard and then back to the base. Of course, the many small holes in the container help when it is rotated to aerate the contents at the same time.

The truth is that you can easily make your compost bin and just as easily purchase it if that is what you decide. The materials you need are basic and you more than likely already have a lot of them laying around the home. And if you make the decision to purchase the item, you will have a lot of choices available for you to select among.

Of course, should you make the decision not to use a bin, your next move should be to start with a pile of grass clippings and then begin to layer your food scraps on it. As you move ahead, the pile will keep growing and you must remember to make the effort to frequently stir it and rotate it. You should know at the start that as it continues to grow, that pile gets a lot more difficult to rotate around!

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