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Money-Saving Ideas For Protecting Your Garden

While it may be tempting to always select the well-known insecticide to rid your garden of pests it should be avoided. Most brand name insecticides are priced a bit high. There are plenty of money-saving ideas for raising a garden that is proven to help maintain it pest-free. The following explains to easily control garden pests that not just save you money but make good common sense too.

Why Most Commercial Pesticides Should Be Avoided

Before you begin using commercial pesticides in your garden make sure you want to get rid of ‘all’ your garden visitors. Some garden pests are ‘necessary’ for the health of the garden. Some types of garden pests have a job to do and create original materials that the plants need to stay healthy. If you eliminate them with a ‘sweeping’ commercial insecticide then your garden suffers.

It has been estimated that out of all the thousands of garden insect species only around 3 to 5 percent of them are harmful to your garden. What you need to do is to determine which ones are causing the trouble in yours. Once you identify them you can treat them directly and leave the rest where they belong.

Learn What Pests Are Working Your Garden

You want to know what type of garden guests you have and what they do. Maintaining a garden is tough enough without running off the help. You could put yourself right out of business just trying to treat a problem. A lot of people actually wind up their gardens indiscriminately and then wonder why thy have such a hard time. This is the case many times. The following are a few easy ways to treat your garden without damaging your chance of success –

Ants – The Most Common Pest In the Garden

Most every gardener knows toughness of the battle with ants in the garden. There are cheaper ways to deal with ants than the commercial products out there. One way I’ve found to be very effective is to lay down corn meal. The ants will eat it and when they drink water they swell up and bust. They take some back to the nest to give others as well and eventually they all burst and die.

Vinegar has also been a proven weapon against ants. Pouring it into the ant-hill keeps the population down pretty good. Some people simply pour boiling water on the ant-hill and control them. Certain plants have been used with success against ants like catnip, lavender, onions, and mints, and more.


When it comes to planting damage one of the first insects that come to mind is the beetle. They are the ‘leaf-chewers’. They are also something that most commercial insecticides target directly. A lot of plants can be quite effective in the war against beetles like catnip, beans, rosemary, radishes, tans, and parsley.


Everybody knows how the caterpillar can chew up plants and especially so in the garden. However, if you are someone who loves to eat butter then you shouldn’t be out to kill all caterpillars. Here again, you have certain plants to keep the caterpillar population at bay like Marigold, Calendula, Mint, Bay Leaves, Thyme, Onions, Pennyroyal, rosemary, Sage, Borage, and Nasturtiums.

What To Do When Birds Become Your Garden Pests

Most every garden becomes a target for birds. This is especially true when fruit trees are involved. You can use reflective materials against birds to keep them at bay (like aluminum foil or cassette tape). There are also a few types of commercial nets you can use that are specifically designed to help keep the birds off your fruit.

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