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How To Plant A Low Maintenance Garden

A low maintenance garden is ideal for anyone who enjoys gardening but feels as if they don’t have unlimited time to devote to their outdoor space. Spending just a few hours at the weekend, or a few minutes on weekday evenings can help you to create a surprisingly beautiful outdoor space, one to take pride in. If you are too busy for full-time gardening, but like the idea of a low maintenance garden, you can create one by following these simple tips:

Designating A Space

Designating a space for your garden is one of the first steps towards creating an attractive and inviting outdoor space, and doing this will reinforce the fact that gardening need not take up all your valuable time.

Scattering plants over a large area may look pretty, but it results in a garden that is time-consuming to look after, and you won’t have to spend more time than you have to water your plants if they are confined to one small raised bed. Try to determine the area in your yard which would be ideal for a small garden, and then continue from there.

Add Texture And Color Easily With Container Gardening

Container gardening is an easy and practical way to enjoy the beauty of plants if you don’t have the money or time to spend on looking after a large bed of flowers. This type of gardening is also a perfect option for anyone who doesn’t have space for a full-scale garden, or has soil that isn’t adequately nourished to support plants.

It’s inexpensive to create a container garden, and depending on your budget and the amount of available space, you can have several different size containers or a single large planter. You can eliminate the need for all that preparing of beds, seeding and transplanting with a simple and affordable container garden.

Enjoy Year Round Color With Hardy Perennials

You can enjoy blooming flowers all through the growing season, and savor the texture and color all year, without being a gardening expert, or spending all your spare time in your garden. Perennial plants do cost a little more than other types of plants, although many amateur gardeners feel the cost is justified as they will bloom season after season.

If your goal is to enjoy a low maintenance garden, it is worth taking the time to talk to your local garden center or nursery to get advice on the most appropriate types of perennials. As a general rule, you will want to choose the hardiest perennials you can find in your region, although you should also make sure that they will thrive where you live.

Easier Plant Care With A Drip Irrigation System

Many part-time gardeners point out that they simply don’t have the time to water their plants regularly, and if this sounds like you, a drip irrigation watering system can be the ideal solution. This type of system will water your garden efficiently, but with minimal input from you once it has been installed, and they are understandably popular with gardeners who enjoy a garden but don’t have unlimited time.

The system allows you to properly water your plants without having to tackle with the hose, and it avoids a loss of evaporation and eliminates the chances of overwatering by constantly dripping water on your plants. The system is also environmentally friendly and can help to save you money and time when looking after your garden.

However, it is highly recommended to have a professional install the system for you, to ensure it works as it should, as they can be somewhat difficult to safely and correctly install. You can find out all about drip irrigation systems at your closest garden center or home improvement store.

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