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Guide To Selling Livestock For Profit: Different Breeds Of Beef Cattle

Beef cows or beef cattle are largely raised for meat production. The meat from these animals is used in burger patties, sausages, roasts, steaks, and ribs. Beyond being raised for meat; however, there are other uses that these animals can be put to.

As an example, their insides can be used for certain hair care and cosmetic product ingredients, and their hides can be used in countless leather products including handbags and shoes. Given their impressive versatility, beef cows are viewed as being a very profitable option in livestock among enterprising and industrious individuals.

There are a number of options that you can choose from when considering the different breeds of beef cattle. Among some of the more popular options are the Hereford, the Brahman, the Long Horn and the Black Angus. Originating from Great Britain and Ireland, the White Park is an incredibly tough beef cattle breed.

If interested in finding a profitable breed of beef cattle that can be raised on a fairly small-sized farm, you can never fail with the Texas Longhorn. This type of beef cattle can grow horns that span 120 inches. Texas Longhorns are the perfect type of cattle to raise in an incredibly dry climate, given that they are capable of surviving these conditions.

The Murray Grey, a breed of cattle from Eastern Australia is also very popular. This is a crossbreed of the Shorthorn cow and the Angus bull and it is heavily exported throughout the world for breeding. The Murray Grey is the ideal breed for any farmer who is looking for options in beef cows that are incredibly easy to care for.

Australian Brafords are resistant to high daytime temperatures and tick infestations. These represent a crossbreed between Herefords and Brahmans. The Longhorns that are bred and raised in England’s Midlands are very resilient and have a medium-sized build. They have very long, curved horns that create a circle. The most famous breed of cattle in Brazil is the Nelore; a breed that is native to India.

The breeds mentioned above are just a few of the top choices when attempting to raise livestock for profit. Aside from the breed of the animals you raise, there are a number of additional considerations that must be made concerning the care and welfare of beef cows.

For example, you have to have the right food for your beef cows. They will need access to plenty of clean water for avoiding dehydration. You’ll have to make sure that they’re never undernourished. As time passes, taking excellent care of your beef cows is virtually guaranteed to produce financial rewards.

Your beef cattle will also need a large pasture for grazing, irrespective of how small your farm maybe. If you do not have sufficient space for grazing, you can overcome this shortcoming by providing your animals with top-tier hay. This is also a very helpful strategy during the winter months when grazing areas are likely to be snow-covered.

Are you ready to start making money by raising your own beef cattle but don’t know how to get started? You will need to first learn all that you can about raising livestock like beef cows, long before you ever purchase one. A lot of web-based resources and books can give you the information you need for taking care of these animals properly.

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