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Choosing A Spot For Your Cat Litter Box

Choosing A Spot For Your Cat Litter Box

Even though many cats will use the same litter box wherever it is, only because they can reach it, other cats will complain unless their box is in a specific place. If you choose a good place to put the litter box, you will be less likely to find wet spots on your carpets or behind your couch -even worse! Cats are generally clean animals and will go find their litter boxes, provided that it is in an accessible and convenient place for them.

Start Thinking Like a Cat

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Not only do cats need a clean and dry litter box for them to dig in, they also have to have a place where they feel comfortable going. Where you place the litter box should be in a convenient place for your cat, not for you. When your cat has a litter box that is in a comfortable place for them, your life will automatically become easier.

Never put the litter box near or next to your cat’s food or water. Nobody wants to eat where they use the toilet.

You should put the litter box in a lit area so that your can feels more at ease using it. Do not put your cat’s litter box in a dark place, as they will be scared to use it.

Also never put the litter box in a place where you need to open a door for your cat to make use of it. They need free access all the time.

When you have found the perfect place for the kitty box, do not move it! If there is no other choice, but to move it, do so slowly.

Households, where there is more than one cat, should always have multiple boxes and should be separate from each other. It is a very good idea to also have an extra box, just in case you need it. You never know when one will get messed up and not be accessible.

If you live in a home with multiple levels, it is highly suggested that you have one extra cat litter box per level. By doing this, there will be less chance of mishaps occurring because each cat does not need to go far to access their box when they need to use it.

Keep your cat happy and they will love you unconditionally, forever! You owe it to your furry friend to make their lives happy.

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Choosing A Spot For Your Cat Litter Box

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