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Cat Urine: Understanding The Underlying Causes Of Inappropriate Elimination

Cat Urine: Understanding The Underlying Causes Of Inappropriate Elimination

Problems with inappropriate elimination and finding cat urine in unacceptable places are usually caused by underlying physical problems. This is most common. If health problems are not identified and properly treated, there’s little chance of resolving the unwanted behavioral issues that these health problems create. You should also note that this isn’t being fair to your cat either.


As such, if your cat is sick, no behavioral method is going to produce the changes you want. To effectively address any behavioral issue, you have to have a healthy cat first.

So, we should start by answering this question: What’s the likelihood that your cat is bypassing the litter box or spraying as the result of a medical condition? This question has a very simple answer. The likelihood is quite high and there can be numerous reasons.

Blood and urine tests might be recommended by your vet and an abdominal X-ray or ultrasound could be performed to rule out the possibility of medical issues before your pet is given a clean bill of health.

Cats can’t talk and this means that their bodies have to speak for them. Vets have been trained to listen carefully and to search for clues for solving a very difficult puzzle. The observations you make are certainly important as well, which means you should definitely bring your notes to your next vet appointment.

Following are some of the things that a veterinarian might look for:

– Bladder or urinary tract problems: Cats that have bladder or urinary tract problems experience painful burning when they urinate. Given that, unlike humans, cats don’t think to themselves, they just stop using their litter boxes. Worst of all, problems with cat urine like these can also play a hand in encouraging spraying.

– Medications: Some cats are using medications that cause them to ingest more fluids and to produce a lot more urine, or to urinate more frequently while experiencing loose stools. Any one of these developments can result in the release of cat urine before your pet has the opportunity to make it to the litter box.

– Infectious disease: The feline infection peritonitis, the feline immunodeficiency virus, and the feline leukemia virus can all make cats so sick that getting to the litter box on time is no longer a priority.

– Non-infectious diseases: If left untreated, diabetes can cause your pet’s body to produce more cat urine. Actually, increasingly frequent urination is one symptom that your vet might aspect about if this particular illness is suspected. Hyperthyroidism, a disease that cats become more susceptible to as they grow older and that’s caused by an overactive thyroid gland, will also cause your pet to produce an abundance of cat urine.

– Age-related issues: It is not uncommon for cats to experience a certain amount of senility as they grow older, which can make them less particular about where their cat urine is released. Arthritis can also be an issue at this stage of your pet’s life, which can make it difficult for a cat to get into and back out of the litter box or to access higher floors in the home.

– Constipation: Cats can experience a considerable amount of discomfort as the result of stools that can’t be passed. This can lead to the elimination of something that looks very familiar to diarrhea – a softer substance that cat’s produce as the result of frequent efforts to void their bowels.

– Diarrhea: Much like cat urine, loose stools can additionally be an issue that makes it hard for cats to “hold it” until they reach their litter boxes. Diarrhea, however, should be considered a symptom rather than an actual issue. The causes of diarrhea are varied, particularly when diarrhea is a long-term problem.

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Health Issues May Be The Reason Your Cat Is Urinating In Unacceptable places

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