Casino Registration And Claiming The Bonus

We talked in the last articles about casino bonuses, the types of realmadrid888 bonuses and, every time, we mentioned about registration. The casino registration process is not very long or complex, but it must be done carefully because each person can have only one player account and the data must be correct and complete in order to enjoy the welcome casino bonus. That’s why we’ve prepared an article to help you better understand what will happen once you are redirected to our page.

Legal provisions for casino registration

The authority that deals with the protection of players and the good functionality of casinos is the National Office for Gambling. There are certain standardized regulations that need to be met. For this reason, each casino will ask for the same data. If you want to register at a casino and notice that the process is different, we recommend that you adopt an attitude, at least, suspicious, because that casino may not work legally.

The first aspect is related to the legal minimum age. As you know, if you are under 18 you are not allowed to play in a casino, and what will happen if you still manage to open an account is the suspension of the account and the impossibility of withdrawing your winnings

For those over the age of majority, the first registration step will be to fill in personal information: name, surname, address. Many people are skeptical because they are required to use the Personal Numerical Code (CNP) during the registration process. Whether you are asked directly at registration or later, casinos have the obligation to request players’ CNPs, according to legal regulations. This is not only true online. Respectable physical casinos also require a ticket at the entrance and a personal numerical code is also required to withdraw a win. By requesting this information, the casino ensures that the person no longer has an active player account on the site and, of course, that he has the legal minimum age to play.

Another legal provision is the confirmation of the account after registration. Once you have opened a player account, you have one month to confirm your account. To do this, you will need to send a copy of your ID to the casino. The identity card, driving license, passport, or any other legal document that can confirm the person’s identity are accepted. All the while, you can enjoy casino bonuses , but if you don’t confirm your player account within a month, it will be suspended, your account will be closed, and your winnings will be lost.

Some of them work as a casino with no deposit bonus, in this sense, because after completing this stage it credits the players with a free amount of money. Basically, here you only get the advantage because you meet the legal requirements, which ensure your security and you are paid for it!

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